About James

I like to create worlds. 

There's nothing I love more than to create a place in my mind, populate it with strange beasts and weird people and then take you on a journey there. 

It's what I've always done and the way I've done it has included painting, drawing, film making, game design and story writing. 


I hope you'll come along with me and enjoy the journey. 

I live in South Wales with my five cats and wife who is a phenomenal hand-embroiderer - www.ruthnorbury.com 


I was born in Cinderford in the Forest of Dean (England) but grew up in Cheltenham. 

My father is a sculptor (www.iannorbury.com) and I was drawing from a very young age - mostly cartoons and animals. 

I wanted to be a park ranger so I completed a degree in Zoology at Swansea University but after being unable to get the work I had wanted to ended up becoming self-employed. 

I wrote and illustrated series of game books (www.corpgame.com), wrote a few novels are not published, created some illustrated children's books and a graphic novel called Seeds of the Automata which you can buy in the shop. 

Throughout all these projects I have always created art and using art and words to create amazing worlds is something I will never stop doing. 

My other main passion is animals and much of what I do is dedicated to helping them in one way or another. 

I spent years wanting to do something like Big Panda and Tiny Dragon but thought no-one would be interested, then a friend put me onto the idea that people might actually like it so I put out a few pictures on Facebook and here we are. 

Thanks for reading this far...

I'll add some more if I think of it. :)