1. Can you tell me more about yourself?

My name is James Norbury, I live in South Wales in the UK with my wife and 5 cats. I have been writing and drawing since I can remember. My main love is animals and nature - hence I don't use any animal products in my art or my dinner. 

In my spare time, I play video games, read, play the guitar, practise karate and volunteer with Cat's Protection.

2. Why did you start Big Panda & Tiny Dragon?

I have studied spirituality for a long time as a way to end my own suffering. The things I learned I felt would help all kinds of people so I wanted to start a group but never quite had the courage to do so. Instead, I thought maybe I could make those powerful ideas accessible to people in the form of drawings. 

3. Is there a book?

Yes, the book is available here.

3.5 Will the book be available in my country. 

A list of translations and publishers can be seen here.

The book will be available in many countries but I don't know exactly which ones. It would be best to contact your local book seller. 

4. Do you do commissions?

If you would like to discuss a commission just drop me a note and we can discuss it. I am engaged in a project until May 2022 and won't be able to take on commissions until then. 

5. Can I submit an idea for a drawing?

Of course, but I might not be able to fulfil your request as not every idea lends itself to a painting. 

6. How do you create your pictures?

The old fashioned way with pen, ink, brushes and paper. I use a variety of tools including dip pens, black ink, water, fine markers, a set square, a ruler, a ceramic palette, white ink, watercolour paper, tissue, a scalpel and watercolour paints. 

7. Can I use your pictures for something?

If you have enquiries about using Big Panda and Tiny Dragon pictures, please email here.

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